Car Air Conditioning

Auto Air-Conditioning Recharge, Auto Air-Conditioning Repair and Car Air-Conditioning Services

It’s important to ensure that your car stays comfortable and cool when the weather get hot outside. You want that peace of mind, you want to know that by flicking a switch you can transform your vehicle into a cool and refreshing environment.

Our highly-skilled mechanics strive to keep your AC working in perfect condition. They use a variety of tool and checks that take into account loose belts and any ‘out of the ordinary’ AC operations. One of these checks is called a ‘Dye injection leak’ test. It identifies any leaks in your AC unit and if it’s needed then our mechanics will then set about evacuating and recharging your auto air conditioning system.

The car/Auto Air conditioning service uses a refrigeration unit to dehumidify and cool the air throughout your car. They usually require minimal maintenance with a simple visual inspection sufficing. The manufacturer’s recommended schedule should be used to ensure that all areas are thoroughly checked.

Normally the only cause for seeking service on your car’s A/C system is when the cooling capacity reduces or (for that matter) doesn’t work at all. Various tests will be performed by your mechanic to diagnose the cause, whether this be a leak or other problem.

Common A/C services for your car include:

  • A visual inspection of the vehicles air conditioning system.
  • The sourcing of small leaks to reduce waste.
  • Ensuring that the vehicle’s A/C coolant is ‘charged’ or refilled.
  • Upgrade (or retrofit) your A/C to the latest R-134a from the old Freon system.
  • If this isn’t possible then the installation of a new compressor with suffice.

If your vehicle is pre 1994 and a major problem arises, then a retrofit might be needed. This covers the installation of new parts with enables your vehicle to run the R-134a refrigerant. It’s newer and more ‘environmentally friendly’. There can be no mixing of the old Freon and new R-134a systems.

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